Find out why others hired Firas
" Firas delivered creative, quality work for my companies brand in a timely manner. His ideas were unique, fresh, creative, and innovative. We've worked on many projects together and it was a pleasure working with him. "
                                                                                                - Jessica Keough, CEO, Houston Realtor

                                                                       • • • • • •                                                                       
" Firas is an outstanding professional with extensive experience in branding, marketing, and graphics design. I have worked with Firas since 2007, and he's been our company's go to creative designer. Firas is pleasant to work with and would be a great asset to any company. "
                                                                                                  - Ala' Hamdan, Founder, OcuTech 360°

                                                                       • • • • • •                                                                       
" Firas is a very talented Art Director. His passion to explore and learn makes him an asset for any creative team."
- Saadi Alkouatli, Creative Director, JWT

                                                                       • • • • • •                                                                      
" Firas had a unique personality that made people around him feel comfortable: pleasant, humorous, diligent, and always welcoming. His creativity stimulated others and unlocked hidden talents among the team members. "

                                                                             - Hassan Baghdadi, Protocol & Events Supervisor, QP

                                                                       • • • • • •                                                                      
" Firas is a truly creative ARTIST, I've worked with him on many clients and successful pitches over the course of 2 years, you give this man the right tools and right briefs and watch him doing wonders... "
                                                                                          -Basim Asaad, Account Director, Leo Burnett

                                                                       • • • • • •                                                                      
" Firas is a very talented guy, creative and intelligent... moreover a very nice person to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend him for a Senior position in his field."

                                                                     - Adel Abdi, Head of Marketing & Communications, Aspetar

                                                                       • • • • • •                                                                      
" An extremely talented senior art director, Firas was highly praised by several clients he served. He's a conscious person who has led his graphic designers and finalizing team as a leader and team player. He has a particular "gift" to write creative copy and base line with his concepts and artworks."
                                                                                 - Ali Shoucair, Managing director, Havas Worldwide

                                                                       • • • • • •                                                                      
" Firas is a very talented and creative individual. Always adding that extra twist to every project. Hardworking and determined, Firas will always find a way of solving any problem that may arise. His skills and analytical eye always added extra value too all his work. "

                                                                             - Hadi Hawili, Managing Partner, Eagle Eye & Penguin

                                                                       • • • • • •                                                                      
" A crazy creative person.. but definitely in a positive way :) Though it was a short time but yet he proved how easy it was for him to understand client’s need and brand identity."
- Rasha Makhlouf, Group Account Director, Frame Communications

                                                                       • • • • • •                                                                      
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