Evaluate & Correct
(Your Health)
Challenge Yourself in Ramadan

Client: Bupa Healthcare
Agency: HAVAS Worldwide/ Jeddah
Project: Award winner, 360 integrated CSR & brand awareness campaign
Work: Concept, Calligraphy, Master artwork, senior art-direction, drawing, UI mobile app design, Copy-writing, leading, supervising and directing (print, video, audio, web, mobile, outdoor, activation )

Background: Ramadan is a Muslims month, the season of healthy habits and religious commitments, such as stoping food/drink all day-time (fasting) in order to remember the less fortunate and sharing food with them, while practicing prayers standing all night long, and avoiding all bad habits and bad deeds, but over time people started eating and drinking too much on their evening breakfast, which make them so lazy and sleepy, they become sometimes super fat within 30 days of fasting.
Challenge/ Objective:
It's become a perception in peoples' mindset to start blaming on Ramadan for laziness and gluttony that may occur, the challenge was bringing back the original perception of Ramadan as a healthy-fasting-active month, dishonoring bad habits like gluttony/obesity and smoking, while encouraging good habits like fitness and walking, and giving practical solutions will improve person's healthy habits while empowering the people's bonds which is originally inspired by the true Islamic directions. empowering the brand awareness in a 360 integrated CSR campaign basically.

Inspired by the Qur’an phrase says {God won't change people till they change what's within themselves}, the idea was coming up with an engaging campaign for the public that brings awareness to Bupa healthcare and links it to Ramadan's healthy habits.
"Challenge yourself " was the campaign, divided into 3 Challenges; 'Fitness Challenge' (Walk Your Heart), 'Will Challenge' (Stop Smoking), and 'Thinness challenge' (Reduce your Weight), while highlighting real facts and figures about obesity and hunger, smoking dangers and walking benefits, bringing out many healthy habits for the healthy month.

The campaign was published on all digital, indoor, in-mall, outdoor, print, gift items, and social media, all challenges were managed by a mobile-app, that engaged people into an actual experience to contribute to the challenges and share their health improvement results with friends on social media.

At the end of the 1st week of launching the campaign, we hit 3 times mobile app downloads, and 5 times youtube views, people started getting engaged and interacting and practicing the good healthy habits and avoiding the bad ones linking with Bupa as the best partner for health care.

 Silver Marketing Effectiveness Award 2014, Summit International Awards,

Other Credits for creative and account management:
Elie Khairalla, Firas Bachi, Ali Ghazi, Faisal Saeed, Faisal Shamim, Ammar Bardisi, Basim Assad.

(pronounced /buːpə/) is an international healthcare group, based in Bupa UK, serving over 22 million customers in over 190 countries. (Bupa.com)
Silver Marketing Effectiveness Award 2014
Healthcare/Medicine category

BUPA wanted the people of KSA to celebrate their Happiest and Healthiest Ramadan yet! A mobile app was launched to help users actively and easily improve three main health areas: quitting smoking, eating healthier and increasing exercise, whilst being on the go. It was called the Ramadan Health Challenge.
After setting their goals, users could then track their progress in real-time, and share their successes with family and friends via a linked Facebook app.
To help keep users on track, BUPA sent specific daily tips and timely reminders from their health experts. This was also supported by on-ground events and social media community management.
Marketing Effectiveness Award Winner Mobile app
Logo Design & Calligraphy
Master Artwork
Video Story Board, Script & Drawing by Firas Bachi
Animation (motion graphics) video, was produced for social media channels & booth screen.
My Work: Associate creative direction, Conceptualizing, Calligraphy, Typography, Illustration, Scripting, Copy & Story, Story-boarding, and Video directing.
Production Studio: Wid video/audio production studios.

Bottle-neck tag says (Walk your Heart), giveaways to all walking practitioners.

People's interaction with the Health Challenges Booth in Redsea Mall, Jeddah. People expressed their intentions and commitment to good habits in Ramadan. They shared their experience on the social media, and it went viral. People came to Bupa booth to measure their weight and know their ideal figures.
Organized an evening time a public walking and sport activity for the whole month

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