KNDP Flat Characters
"TigerBlood" Mike's Harder Can
Tracx Infographic What's In & Out
KNDP Social Media Profiles
Cardio-Space (2006-2010)
WWF "Wise Nature" Concept (2014)
"Immersive" Trade-Show/Print/Indoor/Digital (2014-2015)
SHARP AR-M copier (2006)
CRAFFT "Survive" Print-outdoor-indoor Cmpgn (2010)
Breast Cancer, Print Concept (English) (2013)
Ads 2006-2014
SANOFI Children with diabetes (2012)
Almeera Annual Report (2011)
Drawing For Advertising
Energy shots 2010 Identity/Packaging-Label Design (COP
Bupa HealthCare "Who's Ur Hero?" (2013)
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